Thursday, 20 January 2011

Painting my way out of the cornor

In an attempt to shift some energy around in my life, I thought it would be a great idea to clear out the lofts.  I know.  Genius, no?  No.  Exhausting!  However, I feel very virtuous having done 2 lofts so far.  There are now 4 bin bags waiting to go to the next give-and-take day.  The seriously-stuck-energy loft is yet to come, and the one with, cough, rather alot of fabric & sewing detritus.  Although it was tiring, it feels good!  We then found out the reason for feeling under the weather was a D&V bug & a cold.  At the same time.  What fun!  After a rather poorly night, I had all 3 kids at home yesterday.  I am afraid there was rather alot of television watched in pyjamas.  But it was great!

I have decided that perhaps the sewing room just isn't calling to me at the moment.  So after watching some brilliant online tutorials, I did some journalling just to have some creative fun. 

And a background for another.  This a close up of a double page spread to show the salt sprinkling effect which I just love.

I have also been a bit of a hedge witch recently & been making face creams & body butters etc.  Having spent a stack of money on ingredients, I did a load before Christmas for my sisters in laws (I have no idea where to put the apostrophes or extra 's'es!).  Basically, my husband's sister & my brother's wife.  Oh I love my command of the English language! 

Anyway, I made some more hand/face butter this week as I had run out.  I had to make it up a little as my scales were being borrowed by my brother for soap making.  I don't know why, he has his own laboratory at work.  So, without my deeply inaccurate scales, I used the old fashioned pioneer method of cups & spoons.  Whipped up the resulting solidifying liquid & decanted it into my Grandmothers vintage pot.  It used to hold her face powder & I never knew what to do with it until I started making creams.  I love the lid & the cut glass curve.

The recipe I cobbled together was:

2 tabs Shea Butter
2 tabs Mango Butter
2 tabs Cocoa Butter (grated)
2 tabs Avocado Oil
Essential oils for fragrance

Melt all the butters & oil together.  Once it cools, whip it up until it gets fluffy.  Use a spatula to transfer to the gorgeous vintage glass jar you have sitting around. It melts on contact with the skin.


  1. Sounds wonderful. I also think watching TV in jammies all day sounds very appealing. Might suggest it tommorow as I'm off work then no school run and we can veg.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. sorry to hear you have had the D&V bug. Your creams sound lovely rewarding to make , well done you. Have a lovely weekend, Dee ;-)