Friday, 7 September 2012

Last gifts of Summer

As usual for this time of the year, I am lingering fingertip to fingertip to summer.  I really try to soak up the last of the warmth, to keep me going through winter.

This week, my children went back to school on different days.  Giving me a whole day with just my daughter.  A rare and welcomed treat.  And treat ourselves we did.  An expensive but expansive trip to our local health food & gift store.  Then, and I am embarrassed to admit that its our first trip this summer,  we made it to the beach at long last.

image courtesy I didn't have my camera. It was even sunnier when we went!
Oh it was so heavenly.  The beach we chose, while a bit further to get to, feels so secluded, even in a built up area.  As we had no pushchair, went down the steep steps to access it.  The dappled shade of the trees gave way to a glorious wide open vista of sea, and expanse of beach.  All to ourselves, with the exception of one couple enjoying the rays.  The sea was sparkling and glittering, and you could see the Needles on the Isle of Wight.  So delightful.  I felt my heart expand and release all the tension I didn't know I was carrying.

Later, when Bini had played in the sea, & I had read to her whilst she was making a sandcastle, we went back to the nearby castle.  She wanted to visit it, so in my expansive mood I agreed to fund a visit.  As if this day couldn't get any better, we get to the entrance & see that it is free today because some of the castle was closed off for a function!  So we got to see an lovely textile & painting exhibition in some of the rooms & try on replica victorian clothes in the great hall.  There was very few people there  so we wandered around pretending to be mistress of the house & servant.  I was the maid if you were wondering!
image credit

All in all, it was a gorgeous end of summer holidays day.  Even Tintin wasn't too upset to have missed it as he had finally got to go fishing with his uncle on his last day of the holidays (he was been wanting to go for a couple of years).  And he caught a fish for his tea.

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