Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Educational soul searching & naked teachers

Another link for you to listen to a version of Goyte's 'Somebody I used to know'.  I know, I still am a bit obsessed with this.  I seem unable to listen to it just once.  Always going back to it at least twice.

This is a very funny, intellegent parody, without jibing at the original. And it has a naked teacher. Enjoy!

This is particularly relevant to us at the moment, as we are having a big ole time of looking at the educational options for our kids.  Again.  This morning we went round a local high school which is a much closer option for our daughter than the one we are allocated.  And we loved it.  Which is not the path of least resistance & requires some work of applications etc.  But worth gaining nearly an extra hour in her day from reduced travel.

This song really reflected for me my current thoughts/angst around how much I have used my education & what is the best type of education for each of my children.  Made me laugh at it too!

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