Friday, 28 September 2012

Business Goddess Course

I want to be a business person.  I want to bring my gifts out into the world in a joyous and adundant way to support me & my family. I would like to have an online business too.   I am searching and exploring deep stuff at the moment.  What do I want to do.  How do I want to do it.  y'a know that kind of stuff.  And how do you download photos from iphoto onto blogger.

Leonie Dawson has set up a business around a seemingly impossible niche, and proved that you can make good money while still keeping your heart open and creating beauty in the world.

On one of her latest videos she revealed that she has only just got herself a dedicated office space.  I kinda knew that she went to various places to do her blogging & videos etc, but I hadn't realised that was because she had no space!  So she has built a 6 figure online business with the most basic of ingredients, upgrading as her business did.

It shows what is possible and I do find this girl an inspiration.  She just gets on with it and doesn't moan about stuff, or make excuses.  And she keeps turning up.  Consistency seems to be the key that I keep misplacing.  It seems to be my life lesson at the moment!

So, if you are looking for a business course, you could do alot worse than to join us on Leonie's Business Goddess Course.  She really spills the beans about how she does what she does, in useful techie detail too.  Conventional wisdom says 'don't train any potential competitors', but I love the vibe that Leonie and others embody of a deep belief in the beneficence of the universe to support all of us.

You can download the course here, or you can join the Goddess Circle (soooo recommended!) & work through the course with a supportive group of amazing women.  You will also get all of the other courses and meditations she offers.  I am not exaggerating when I say that the Goddess Circle has changed me for the better.

The next run of the Business course starts October 1st 2012.  I will be co-leading it with two awesome goddesses!  Join us! 

Full Disclosure: I am also an affiliate of the Goddess Circle, as well as a circle guide for her there.  So those links are affiliate, where Leonie will give me a wild donkey and a bag of carrots if you join.  Maybe.

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