Friday, 13 July 2012

Renaissance, Scanner, Multipotentialte... a Me by any other name

So, I have this problem.  See, I am 'just good' at too many things.  I know, I know it sounds kinda braggy, but let me explain.

Since school I have been a Jacs of all trades and master of none.  I came away from that erstwhile learning establishment with 10 O'levels (yup, I am that old, just before GCSEs) of which 7 were B's.  (2 C's and 1 A if you're interested)  So no clear outstanding areas of expertise.  Pretty adequate really, enough to fly under the radar, not being exceptional either way.

[with the exception of what I considered an anonomoly of English Literature 'A'.  I still don't understand how that happened as I detested my teacher and loathed the concept of over analysing an author's motives.  I just happened to know the texts because I love a damn good story!]

I digress.  Which actually proves my point.  I find it REALLY hard to stick to just one thing.  I am super obsessed with something until I feel I have it, then, oohh bright shiny object over there....

I will often come back to the original passion which is why I need more cupboards.  Does anyone else have this issue?

I would love to start my own business, an enterprise of some kind.  A way to share my gifts with the world.  But what to choose?

I recently read John William's book which mentioned the term 'scanner'.  Suddenly I felt a huge sense of relief that other people needed large closets too for all their interests.  I knew the term Renaissance (wo)Man to define someone like Leonardo da Vinci or a Polymath.  But recently I have heard the term 'renaissance business' where people have made their mark being themselves in all their diversity.  Emilie Wapnick's website Puttylike coins the phrase multipotentialate which she writes about well.

Scanner, Renaissance, Multipotentiale, whatever you call it Doctor, I think I've got it!

Edit: just after writing this post I clicked on my iPod to hear Rise to the Top's interview with Kirsten Casey, who has changed her career a couple of times.  I think I am in love.  Big girl crush!


  1. I've heard this called a portfolio business too, in order to be the most flexible possible. I love the idea you won't be surprised to hear :)

    there are a couple of articles here....

    love you x

  2. Funny isn't it... I've always just gone along with my mother's comment that 'Jus has a very low boredom threshold', however I love the big, dazzly names for it better xx

  3. Haha Jus. love that. low boredom threshold. Like having a high one is a good thing?! Big dazzly names, great name for that too! x