Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Untold stories

I am a writer who doesn't write.  How about that?  I am a creative who isn't creating.  How about that?

I read other people's words but don't get my own down on paper or tap them on to the screen.  Not using my pen like a putter fly pin to attach them where they can be seen.  (In this analogy the said butterfly died of natural causes after a long and happy lifestyle with lots of pretty flowers).

I visit other people's studios and admire their work.  But all I have made recently is a laptop bag for this new computer I am lovin'.

I just need to do what Julia Cameron says and show up at the page.   To turn up and create.  And be willing to create badly.  Without censure of 'is it good enough'.

It occurs to me that there a rather too many stories that remain untold.  I met an older gentleman in our community cafe the other day.  Victor is 88 years old, as he told me.  A firecracker of a chap.  And just for a brief moment he told me some of his story, and his advice.  He just happened to mention that he had actually known Lady Baden Powell & been very active in the scout movement, which I found fascinating (she gave him a medal for the help he gave her).  But what moved me most were his words from before.
"I have had a great life.  I've been very lucky.  Well, I had a particularly wonderful life for the 53 years my wife was alive.  We had a lovely life together."

This made me struggle to swallow my coffee cake.  I felt so moved by this positive upbeat man who clearly adored and missed his wife.

The next bit made me choke with laughter though, about his wartime life as a tanks expert.

"Yes, I was injured a bit in the war, but not too bad" (NOTE: I'll spare you details - I would have called it pretty bad!). " I was blown out of a tank.  I was really cross.  I had just fixed it up perfectly."

You gotta love that hutspar attitude!

Oh, and his advice by the way.  To me who he considered young.

"Enjoy life while you are Young."  Simple and to the point.  Just get on with it.  Thankyou Victor.


  1. I recognise what you've written here. I have to remind myself that 'good enough is good enough' and it's better to finish something than not even start, even if it's not perfect. What a lovely conversation you had. I'm worried that this breed of gentlemen is dying out to be replaced by the 'me-me-me' generation always looking for the next materialist high and missing the important things.