Friday, 15 June 2012

Goddesses Galore!

Have you met Goddess Leonie yet?  She is an awesome woman!  She's not 30 yet and her life is an amazing inspiration.  A powerhouse.  I re-met her last March.  I had been aware of her several years ago but lost the links on a burned-out computer (along with several months of photos - yep, learnt the hard way to back them up!)
So it was great to find her again on the wish big e-camp.  Her class on the course was creative business generation.  I was kinda mehh about the topic.  I wasn't particularly looking for a business at that time (I had a young toddler as well as 2 kids in First school) as time & energy were a scarce commodity.

Then I watched her videos.  And I fell in love.  Her infectious enthusiasm, laugh and general upbeat attitude just scooped me up.  And I thought Actually Maybe Perhaps I could look into doing a business or something.  (That thought is still bubbling away & hopefully something will present itself soon. )

So I saved up some pennies and joined her Goddess Circle.  I wanted to be in this woman's orbit & other wonderful women.  And oh my goodness,  what a place!  My interest had been piqued by the Business Goddess course she offered, but when I joined it was the Radiant Goddess course that sang to me first.

With a years membership to the most supportive forum I know of, there are also a whole range of courses that Leonie has lovingly created.  I love her meditations especially.  In fact I loved the circle so much I became a Circle Guide for her, to help hold the space as it got larger, and an ambassador.  I hope I am a better circle guide than I am ambassador, as I haven't really written about it too much!

But I thought that now was an important time to tell you.  Because the cost of the circle membership is going up.  I still think it is a good deal for what you get even at the new price of $199 for the whole year, considering all the goodies that you get.

BUT, if you join the circle BEFORE 3rd July, you get it at the early bird discount of just $99 for the whole year.  Seriously, that's about sixty quid for a year of sisterhood!  I joined for the courses but I stayed for the supportive community.

So, I just wanted to let you know, that if you were thinking about joining, DO IT NOW!  Don't you go missing out on this amazing discount!

Join up here (affiliate link disclosure!)

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  1. thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog! yours is lovely! I had vaguely heard of Leonie, will have to check out now! x