Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Less is More? 30 days of experiment

I have decided, in my quest for change & simplification to approach my 'wardrobe' as if I were travelling or on holiday.  (When I say wardrobe, I don't actually have any hanging space, just drawers).  The rest of the clothes are going up into to the loft.  For 30 days.  My rules are to see how I manage on this skeleton wardrobe & if I need something specific I will have to climb up to get it.  But it has to be needed.  Then in September & the turn of the seasons, I will get it all down again and re-evaluate all the stuff I have.  By doing it this way, I was hoping to be able to be more ruthless in letting stuff go out from my life.

I realised that in true Pareo's law of 80/20, I was really only wearing the same stuff over & over anyways, & barely went to the bottom of the drawer.  And obviously, I still looked like a fabulous goddess...No?

Summer capsule
 So last night, I pulled everything out & sorted.  Interestingly, I still managed to throw a bag of stuff away to the charity shop & a bag for the loft.

Oh its so heavenly to open the drawer and not have it spill out in an overwhelming fashion!  Here's hoping I can transfer this approach to my whole house.  I am fed up of my possessions owning me!


  1. Sounds like a great plan.
    I had exciting visions of being able to clear out my wardrobe of all the "wintery" clothes, and just wear a simple and easy summer selection. But alas, it's soooo bloody cold here in Belgium that I am wearing the winter jumpers still, in JULY! There is no hope.
    I did do a massive cull when we moved here, and we lived out of suitcases for 2 months, it was excellent.
    Good luck!

  2. Love this post! I am a firm believer in the pared down wardrobe. I have taken part in the six items or less challenge where you only wear six items of clothes for a month. http://sixitemsorless.com/ You get very creative with accessories & NO ONE notices that you are wearing the same thing over & over. I think that you could get away with about 30 items (not including underwear & sport kit) and not get bored.