Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bushcraft Bankholiday

This last weekend we had a wonderful time.  This I know for a fact, because I am still doing the laundry three days later. 
We took ourselves off to the May Meet of the Bushcraft Magazine which we subscribe to.  Its the first year we've made it across to Kent, but my brother, who came with us, has been all 3 years.  It was a delightfully gentle family friendly weekend.  Interesting courses, campfires, storytelling, archery.  Definiately worth the 3 hour journey.

This was how we cooked for most of the weekend.  I mean not just bacon & eggs, but the campfire.  We did actually splash out and purchase a fantastic metal table which was half grill, half griddle which goes over the top of the fire.  This picture was taken before we got this & had to 'make do' with an old lab tripod my brother bought.  Which was still fabulous.

Tintin took a real shine to the Archery, and yes, that is his bullseye we had to take a picture of as evidence!

Because sometimes a Tree is the only place to Be...

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  1. Looks wonderful its great being close to nature, dee x