Thursday, 24 January 2013

Thankful Thursday 24th January 2013

Today I am grateful for:

  • A gentle day to rest in, and allow my cycles of energy to just Be.
  • A clean bedroom & house.  Oh boy did I go frenetic on the cleaning and decluttering front.  I had to skype my husband to ask him if there were any parts of the house that he was particularly attached to before I threw everything out!
  • SNOW.  Oh we had a long weekend thanks to the white stuff & managed a fair bit of sledging and throwing snow.  Obviously that also resulted in some crying and whining but mostly it was thoroughly enjoyed.  And now its mostly all gone & its safe to drive again.
  •'s Jo Bradshaws Branding course that I am in week 3 of.  Really looking forward to our first group call tomorrow.
  • A hot bubble bath to start the day.  How bloody decadent! 
  • Create your incredible year workbooks.  Yes, I know I have mentioned them before, but still loving them.  Got my business one printed out yesterday.  whooohoo.  (Still not too late to get yours if you want to kick butt on 2013!  Thanks to everyone who has got theirs thru my link.  Love you!)
  • Empty laundry hamper.  oh yes.  breathe in in Jacs, it is a brief moment of content!
  • Green smoothies.  Detox here I come.
  • Tintin animatedly reading us the opening chapter of the story he's writing.  It involves teenaged zombies.  Nice.  I love 8 year old boys, soon to be 9.
  • The full cupboards of delicious food Roo & I shopped for yesterday.
  • The Fire starter sessions book by Danielle LaPorte.  Really juicy stuff.

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