Monday, 26 November 2012

Inspiring 2013 comin' your way!

Oh my goodly goodness Leonie Dawson has unleashed this next years workbook & planner.  I have printed off my copy already.  So utterly excited and inspired.  And this year I have printed it out in full glorious colour, because I am worth it, dammit!  Oh it looks so inviting.

For the first time, this year she has also done a business version, with specific focus on creating and expanding your own glorious biz. 

I think I am equally in love with both!  The life edition has greater focus on personal stuff, although there is some personal in the biz edition, since lets face it, if you are your business then it needs to contain all of you in a good & healthy way.
Haha, and double excitement, on checking out that my affiliate link is working, I discover that I am on her page with testimonial.  I think I may have actually squealed out loud, but luckily I was alone at the time.

What I love about Leonie's workbook, is the way you focus on the coming year in a deep, expanded spiritual way, but with action steps and planning too.  It comes with a lovely calendar that you can use to plug your dreams straight into.  I use my own calendar because I like my own one, but what I do love about Leonie's is lovely little offerings in some of the days.  Like, today is love yourself day and sweet drawings & pictures.  Like all of Leonie's stuff, it is a visual feast that lifts me every time I go to it.

If you have been thinking about trying out some of Leonie's glorious offerings, then this is a really well priced entry point.  And something you can enjoy all through 2013.

If you decide to get yourself some of this loveliness, I would be girl-crushingly grateful if you could use this link.  Thank you scrummy one!

What are your big dreams for 2013?

Jaci x

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thankful Thursday. 1st November 2012

Today I am grateful for

  • An easygoing gentle halfterm
  • Happy Ever Arter on the full moon with some of my Best-ies
  • Helping run the craft session at the community cafe.
  • Watching my 3 shades of blonds feeding the ducks with a bag of duck-grain.  Bini got much braver than usual and actually took to stroking the larger white one & was besotted with how soft it was.  Wish I'd remembered my camera.
  • A night out at this talk last night.
  • A really lovely connection with a beautiful soul at the talk.
  • A weekend of Brothers.  Hanging out with G & D with assorted womenfolk and children's.  So lovely to spend time with them.
  • Playing a riotous game of Pit with my brothers.
  • Lots of lovely logs.  Thanks Mum!
  • Getting my studio cleaned up.  Ready to get gloriously messy again!