Friday, 16 March 2012

Thankful Thursday - 15th March

A bit late in finally posting this Thankful Thursday.  I spent the evening looking blankly at fabric trying to work out what would go best together to make a pencil roll for my beautiful niece & goddess daughter.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Making a start on Goddess Girl's pencil roll. 
  • Getting photos taken for the felting tutorial in Bushcraft Magazine.  Just need to edit & send.
  • My bonus week on Christine Kane's Uplevel YOur Life course.  Starting in full next Monday.
  • Some amazing learning & personal growth on my NLP course this weekend. 
  • More clearing out.  Three bags taken to charity shop.  Three plus more to go out this weekend.  Hurrah for Spring Clearing!  It feels soooo good!
  • Reading Dr Seuss to Roo, after hearing him 'read' it to himself so sweetly whilst not knowing it, just from the pictures.
  • Menu plan sorted for the week.
  • Lovely veg in the Abel & Cole box, plus a free bottle of organic olive oil.  Thanks guys!
  • Catching up with friend yesterday at toddler group & our boys just loving playing together.
  • My Beloved having the kids all weekend daytime so I could go off & do my thing at the NLP course.  House was a devastation zone on return which interestingly made me feel less guilty about my inability to keep a tidy house!
  • Sunny afternoons this week.  And time down the allotment.  yum.

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  1. Hello. A truly thankful Thursday. Have a super Saturday too, Ax