Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My very first Blog award!

Well, my friend Karen at http://makeitsaveitmendit.wordpress.com/ has awarded me my very first Blog award.  A Versatile Blogger Award. Whoooho!  Thanks Karen!

So my exciting task, as I understand it,  is to pass this one on to seven other blogsters that I love.  Big smiley face!
Little Green Shed http://littlegreenshed.blogspot.com/
Magic Beans  http://sparklymagicbeans.blogspot.com/
Bears Footprint http://bearsfootprints.blogspot.com/
Bristol Parenting Cafe http://bristolparentingcafe.blogspot.com/
Flour Child http://flourchildren.blogspot.com/
A quiet corner http://a-quiet-corner.blogspot.com/
Blessing Manifesting http://blessingmanifesting.blogspot.com/

And to also tell you seven things about myself:
  1. I used to be able to bring my feet behind my back to my ears & pretend my foot was a phone.  Freaked my family out a treat, especially my brother.   Teehee.
  2. Which brings me to my crowning glory.  I was a County Gymnastics Champion when I was 14.  Its all gone downhill since!
  3. I met my beloved husband in a backpackers in Sydney, Australia. 
  4. I love love love Christmas.  Especially fairy lights
  5. I worked a ski chalet in France & learnt to snowboard.  It hurt.
  6. Everyone always thinks I am a vegetarian.  I can do veggie cooking but I do eat meat.
  7. I lived in an alternative community for 3 years in my 20s.  It was both hard work & awesome.
Thankyou Karen.  That was fun!


  1. Big Smiley Face right back at you! Thank you for nominating me and for pointing me to other lovely blogs, always a treat to find new ones. xx

  2. For some reason you haven't been popping up on my dashboard and suddenly here you are again. Totally missed the fact that you have so kindly given me an award! Thank you so much xxxx Will be checking out the other sites x