Sunday, 6 November 2011

How to decorate a Birthday Cake

Making Chjocklit cake
This little man had his third birthday recently.  On being asked what he wanted he said 'brown cake, chjocklit cake, with sweeties.'  Then I overhead him telling his little friend that he should come round & he could have some of Roo's cake & 'lollies & sweeties on it'.  So I had to make sure that there was lollies on the chjocklit cake that we made together. 

It ended up the most hilariously decorated cake.  To give a bit of background I used to be a wonder at making fun kids birthday cakes.  3D castles, dragons, log cabins, clowns, cars, ladybirds - all with butter icing rather than the easier roll out icing because I hate the taste of it.  So I had an inner pressure to create some masterpiece for my last baby's first proper party.  We tend not to do big parties for the first couple of years, just Grandparents and a small tea. 

Well, it all went to pot really.  This is what we ended up with.  Dusted with icing sugar, marshmallows speared in place with lollies, and hey, here's some candy canes left over from last Christmas (yes, we checked the best-before dates!) so stick them on somewhere.  My brother (himself a marvellous chef) and I were in hysterics as we created this confection, with our usual standards in the gutter, hurling any old sweets at it.  And you know what, Roo just LOVED it!  As did his little friends.  A child's dream cake.  Go figure.

A feast for a 3 year old. 

Bubbles in the Sun.  A birthday dream.
And lots of lovely presents with his friends
All in all, a lovely day for my dear little man.  Love you Roo boy!

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  1. Fab memories of a really fab party for a fantastic little boy xx