Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thankful Thursday 19th April 2012

Oh so very grateful today!
  • Week 5 of Christine Kane's Uplevel your Life.  This programme is really in depth.  And even when the dirt comes up it feels right for me, right now.
  • WISH summit talks interviewed by Tera Warner.  There is some good stuff in this, and its not too late to catch up.  Plus I just picked up a generous freebie from the SARK interview.
  • Taking today off after yesterday D&V bug & just chillin' with my small one.
  • Getting back into the swing of school days & finding our groove again.  But still with a tan from Cypress!
  • A BRAND NEW Sofa!  Oh my goodness yes, we finally made a decision on a three seater at Ikea this weekend.  AND we bought an Expedit bookshelf and now have a new style living room.  Goodness me, our house is starting to look finished.
  • My artwork is up on the walls at last, on freshly painted walls.  We had a busy weekend!
  • Family movie time on the new sofa yesterday.  We could all fit on it in a nice cuddly way.  So five does go into three.
  • Running off-road in the mornings, when possible, is just filling my cup at the moment.  I really look forward to it in a way I just can't muster for pavement running.  I love the bird song, the fresh smell of the air, the trees and wildlife.  And the headspace just for me.
  • Watching my kids playing with the cardboard boxes from Ikea & having even more fun with them than I did buying their contents.
  • Holiday fun with the kids.  Baking, Kids cinema - Tintin's adventures, making tea with the kelly kettle lit from strikers rather than matches, playing board games.  Good stuff.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I'm back!

I am now back from my holidays in Cypress visiting my lovely sister & family.  More pictures of the actual holiday to follow, rather than this one.  It was a bit warmer out there!