Saturday, 23 March 2013

Hello my lovelies!

I hadn't realised it has been quite as long as this.  I have been working on a new project.

This has taken me to pluck up the courage to create a wordpress website where I can now create my bloggyness too.

So pop on over to to see me there!  Every Thursday I am hosting a Thankful Thursday gratitude blog party, so anyone with a blog can join in & link us all together.  It would be rocking awesome if you wanted to play too!

So, how has everyone been?

We have had, just after my last post, on Valentines day, the bombshell diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes for my little girl Bini.  It has since been a total rollercoaster of overcoming needle phobias (hers and mine), managing food plans and dealing with the scary this-could-actually-lead-to death hypos.  Luckily hers have been mild so far and she can spot them coming on, but it is still stressful and a couple of times she has become uncooperative.

We have also had some issues with her school.  Although these have been resolved now, we are considering home schooling for this next term to help get her health restored & plug any gaps in her learning before she starts secondary school.

It has been a big learning curve for us all, and it feels like it is only just the beginning.  Which it is, really.  This is her with diabetes for life now, scientific cure notwithstanding.  She has been amazing, and is really handling it well.  Better than me probably.  What a shit thing for an 11year old to deal with.

I am off now to count carbs.  Its a new field for me, as I have never considered the carb content of anything.  Wish me luck!

oh yes, and rather excitingly, I have had my first guest blogpost published at the lovely Tia's site


  1. What a shock! I hope your daughter is OK and that she manages the needles... eeek, I imagine that would take a lot of adjusting to, in amongst all the other life changes. She is lucky to have a Mumma who will make sure she is taken very good care of. xxx Rhi

  2. Thanks Rhi! Yes it was a shock, but we are coming to terms with it a bit more now. Still a stress though. Thanks for you kind comment. I really appreciate it. x

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